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T'best "Aloe Original Can",With Cambodia Musician "rabee".

A scene from the Music Video “រាងអូន Best” by'rabee'


January 9, 2020

T'best "Aloe Original Can",With Cambodia Musician "rabee".

Tulip International is working with global musician ‘Rabee’ as an advertising model for ‘T’best Aloe Original’.

Tulip International explained that they collaborated with Rabee in the music video “រាងអូន” in anticipation of synergy in the growing Cambodian market with 'T'best Aloe Original', which is a full-fledged start to breathe new vitality into the aloe beverage market. did.

We plan to develop a new music video activity in line with the peak beverage season, and firstly, on January 9th, we will release a full version of the music video showing the beginning of a new meeting between 'T'best Aloe Original' and Rabee. The music video can be found on various channels such as 'T'best Cambodia' official Facebook and YouTube.

Meanwhile, Tulip International renewed the package of 'T'best Aloe Original' with a cleaner and more luxurious design and started to expand the aloe beverage market.
'T'best Aloe Original' contains aloe vera as it is and features a fresh and soft taste, making it a drink suitable for quenching thirst with health.

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