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CEO Message

" I would like to express my sincere gratitude to
our worldwide customers.


In the era that features a rapidly changing world economy,Tulip International Inc. exports big volume of natural and processed foods and beverage made of fruit, vegetables and ginseng.

We currently focus on Aloe Vera Juice and Korean traditional tea, which are exported all over the world.
Based on our business philosophy -- contributing to the health of humankind by producing products made of pure natural ingredients - we produce better quality products, securing a position as a world class company, believing that 'trust' is to be discovered, not to be told, we offer our customers systematic and logical process.

Furthermore, all needs and requirements from our customers and such as process know-how are dealt with in honest way by developing close relationship.


As a result, we are known as a 'trustworthy' specialized beverage company and we continuously research and develop for the better quality products.

I would like to deeply thank you for your continued support and promise for your successful business.

Tulip International Inc.

CEO / Jung Young-ho

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