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 philosophy and foundational principle

[ Offering all humankind the nature contained in our product ]

Tulip international pursues'healthy products that contain nature with people around the world'.

Through Tulip International's products, we seek to develop together with various consumers around the world, are nature-friendly, and pursue the value of symbiosis to live together.


Core Value

[ Natural ] / [ Health ] / [ Human 

We promise to provide our customers with the highest quality products with the goal of the following core values.


Code of conduct

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Tulip International Inc.  takes great efforts to realize the values it deems important, such as putting substance first, emphasizing execution, and pursuing benefits. It achieves value management, win-win management and innovative management by putting substance before form, placing more emphasis on execution than on reporting, and pursuing substance rather than justification.

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"Global Company"


Considering the good of humankind before the companys profits, Tulip International Inc. is securing a position as a global business that leads the export of foods most carefully selected and made with clean and neat Koreans' love.

"Company continuously thinking and studying"

Maintaining its initial determination and enthusiasm, Tulip International Inc. makes every endeavor to produce top-quality, tasty and clean products at a low price through continuous research and development.

"Company believing in trust and love"

Highly valuing people, Tulip International Inc. makes its products with love and trust to look after the health and beauty of all people and help them live happy life.

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